Probiotic Cashew Smoothies: The smoothie evolved.

Delicious fruit flavors coupled with powerful probiotics providing digestive support, immune system boost and protein utilization benefits.





    Strawberry & Banana

    Bright and luscious, this classic smoothie blend is given added dimension and antioxidant power with the addition of oranges and dragon fruit.



    Banana & Date

    Rich and creamy, bananas and dates are perfectly complemented creating an opulent experience without being overly sweet.



    Mango & Chia

    Tropical notes of mango are enhanced with a touch of lime, the sensual satisfaction of coconut cream, and the power of chia seeds.



    Simple Greens

    Spinach and avocados are combined with coconut and citrus to create a light, refreshing and delightfully easy way to add more greens to your day.