No tricks, no flourishes, just what nourishes

Born of principles, Forager products are always organic, minimally processed, free from dairy and borne from the earth.

By being simple and straightforward, better choices in creating products leads to better foods that we share.

Take the first step and read our labels, good things reveal themselves with each and every choice for goodness.

. . . .

Always from plants

Nuts, Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds and Ancient Grains

Forager is exploring food at the taproot of where earth’s goodness grows.

Plants rise to nourish in ways that are more sustainable, healthful and vibrant than any other food source. So, we follow nature’s lead and share in its harvest of goodness.

Food is best when it comes from the land and is nourished by the earth and sky. We respect food as a precious resource and we try to pull more from it while using less, thus helping to uphold the integrity of the food eco-system.

. . . .

Organic matters

Growing the organic movement.

How we cultivate our food supply makes a big difference to the planet and its people. We seek pathways to goodness, and organic is its most direct path. That is why Forager products are always organic ensuring we stay true to the natural qualities of food. By unearthing better choices that really are better, we can start to change the way people eat, one good food choice after another.

. . . .

A revolution with cultures

We’re stirring up more goodness with cashews and cultures.


Creamy and delicately flavored, cashews offer an impressive spectrum of nutrients. Packed with protein, essential minerals and only a little natural sugar, cashews provide plenty of dairy-free power.


The benefits of probiotics are alive and well here, a dynamic array of cultures ensures that our Cashewgurt™ is not just good for your taste buds, but good for your gut.

. . . .

Less sugar is better

Good taste is found, not made

Being true to ingredients and having the confidence to let them just be, results in better taste that is actually better for you.

. . . .

Dairy-free, naturally

Taste the difference

Cashews are better.

Because we use the creamiest of nuts, we don’t need to use gums to produce a creamy dairy-free taste, Nature does it for us. And because we use the whole nut, we maximize the goodness Nature has provided.

With their creamy texture and subtle flavor, Cashews mix well with other ingredients. And coming from trees, unlike other nuts, they don’t need much more than rainwater to produce their goodness.

. . . .

Goodness Found

We are bound for finding goodness in food

When we find this goodness we pause to share it with all as a product that represents goodness found.

And then we move on, inviting all to join us and to become fellow foragers in our way forward, of finding even more goodness in food and to share the goodness found as we advance.

Foragers are forever on the path, searching for food we can believe in, and welcoming others to help us propel this cycle of goodness.