Forager Juices


All of our Greens recipes feature vegetables as the primary ingredient which is not true for most products in the category. Our complex green blends were developed to deliver maximum nutrition and importantly, the lowest sugar content possible.
  • Forager Greens & Apple

    Greens & Apple

    A refreshing cucumber blended with essential greens, lightly sweetened with apples and brightened with lime and ginger then punched up with broccoli.

  • Forager Greens & Greens

    Greens & Greens

    A savory green blend that is robust and pure, pleasantly “spiced” with fennel and basil, fortified with sprouted quinoa, and lightly warm things up with a dash of cayenne.

  • Forager Greens & Pineapple

    Greens & Pineapple

    Bright and delightful, this kale-spinach blend includes the powerful benefits of matcha green tea, pineapples and oranges add a kiss of sweetness


The broadest non-dairy, non-juice beverage line available. This line provides products that deliver high levels of healthy unsaturated fats, protein, antioxidants and phytochemicals and are great as a low sugar grab-and-go snack.
  • Forager Nuts & Vanilla

    Nuts & Vanilla

    A luscious blend of cashews, almonds and oats scented with cinnamon and ground vanilla beans, dates add just a hint of sweetness.

  • Forager Nuts & Chocolate

    Nuts & Chocolate

    This intense chocolatey creamy cashew, almond, oat combination is lightened and refined with coconut water, crushed vanilla beans provide balance and dates add a delicate sweetness

  • Forager Nuts & Coffee

    Nuts & Coffee

    Cold-brewed coffee provides a little lift to this smooth, velvety blend of cashews, almonds and oats.


Unique flavors that feature rich, creamy blends of root vegetables, balanced, brightened and lightened with vinegars, herbs and minimal fruit. As with our Greens line, all of our Roots are vegetables first recipes. Packed with antioxidants and a wide array of vitamins, this line is perfect for the more sophisticated pallet.
  • Forager Roots


    Rich and harmonious carrots and beets are paired with oranges, enriched with sweet potatoes, enlivened with lemons and ginger then spiced with turmeric.


Our avocado line offers nutritionally meaningful products that are perfect for people seeking convenient, calorie conscious, minimal sugar options. These creamy drinks are vegetable first blends packed with healthy fats for heart health and plenty of Vitamin C.
  • Forager Avocado & Greens

    Avocado & Greens

    A refreshingly rich symphony of greens: cucumbers, celery, spinach and avocados, enlivened with lemon juice and seasoned with sea salt and spices, a touch of olive oil gives flavorful depth.

Probiotic Cashew Smoothies

Forager’s new line of Probiotic Cashew Smoothies is an innovative take on a classic offering. Our cashew milk provides a light and nutritious base for two popular fruit flavors while our probiotic provides digestive support, immune boost and protein utilization benefits. Great taste with more meaning.
  • Forager Strawberry Banana

    Strawberry Banana

    Bright and luscious, this classic smoothie blend is given added dimension and antioxidant power with the addition of oranges and dragon fruit.

  • Forager Banana Date

    Banana Date

    Rich and creamy, bananas and dates are perfectly complemented creating an opulent experience without being overly sweet.

Creamy Dairy-free Cashewmilks

Free of lactose, gluten and soy all of our alternative milks are plant-based, gum free, organic and Non-GMO. Our 28 oz. line of Dairy-free Cashewmilks offers goodness in three delicious flavors.
  • Cashew Milk Original


    Pure and simple, a dash of fiber rich dates makes for slightly sweeter yet still subtle goodness.

  • Cashew Milk Unsweetened Plain

    Unsweetened Plain

    Artfully crafted, our pure, simple, subtle recipe compliments whatever it accompanies.

  • Cashew Milk Chocolate


    Powerful cacao skillfully blended with our original recipe provides robust and drinkable chocolatey flavor.